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Google Sheets

With Google Sheets App, you can sync ypour spreadsheets with ease and you can present it on a single, or multiple digital displays anywhere in your workplace or school.

Here’s how to set up the Google Sheet App:

From the Playlist, click “Add Content”.

Select Google Sheets from the Media options;

Name your Google Sheet App on the “Name” field.

Paste the URL of your spreadsheets.


Locating your Spreadsheets URL:

  1. Go to Google Sheets on a different window, click on File>Publish to the web>Publish. To get your Google Sheets URL.  (Watch the video below)
  2. Copy and paste your Google Sheet URL into the URL field.


Set the “Duration” of your display, and lastly, click Add to Zone.


Here’s a video on how to add the Google Sheets App on your Playlist:

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