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Google Calendar

Keep track of your daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual appointments with the Google Calendar App. 

Sync your Google Calendar to display it on a single, or multiple screens. 

Adding Google Calendar on your Playlist:

  1. Go to Playlist and Click Add Content.
  2. Choose Google Calendar on the media options pop up.
  3. Give a name to your Calendar app on the Name field.
  4. Paste the URL of your personal Google calendar. (See the video, if you want to know how to generate the URL)
  5. Set the Duration of the Display and hit Add to Zone.

How to embed your Google Calendar:

  • On a separate window, open Google Calendar. You can only get the code to embed in your website from a computer, not the Google Calendar app. 
  • In the top right, click Settings.
  • On the left side of the screen, click the name of the calendar you want to embed.
  • In the “Integrate calendar” section, copy the iframe code displayed. 
  • Under the embed code, click Customize.
  • Choose your options, then copy the HTML code displayed. (Check the video below)



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