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How does billing work?

ads2grid has different pricing plans to offer depending on your needed feature. Our variation pricing makes it suitable for all business sizes.

Here are more in-depth details of our charging system.


All billing is charged on a per connected device basis. However, a license is not tied to a device. 

An example is, you have 2 Nvidia SHIELD TV then you will be charged for 2 devices.

How to count your devices

The easiest way to understand your device count is by looking at the “Devices” menu.

Charges will be applied to devices with an Active status. A green icon means Active. You will also be charged for devices with a grey icon and that had been online for 30 days.

Though you will not be charged for any inactive devices, we suggest deleting it if you will not be using it anymore to avoid getting charge accidentally.

New device grace period

When you pair or connect a device, we will not charge you unless it had been online for 6 hours. This gives you a moment to do your device testing.


Monthly billings are charged each month on your monthly renewal date based on the number of active devices (green/grey icon) on your account during the last 30 days.

Your monthly charge will also vary base on the number of active devices whether you removed or add devices


Annual billing will be charged base on the annual rate with all the active devices upon sign up for your subscription.

These will not be prorated or be refunded in case you decided to reduce a device.

However, you can replace a different device and will not be charged extra for it as the license is not attached to a device.

If you have any help about your billing, please contact our support team via the chat icon or email at info@ads2grid.com

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